Start an IDA Guardian Campaign in Your Home Town

Help Companion Animals by Getting Your Community to Adopt Compassionate Language

IDA is looking for "Guardian Angels" from all over North America to represent our Guardian Campaign in their communities. The message at the core of IDA's Guardian Campaign reflects how the majority of people perceive companion animals: as living beings who experience feelings and thoughts in much the same way humans do. Yet despite widespread recognition of animals' intrinsic intelligence and awareness, the "official" terminology found in most city ordinances, charters and by-laws still refers to people as "owners" of their animal companions. This outdated expression perpetuates the underlying belief system about animals the term implies: that they are mere material objects or pieces of property.

Our animal friends are worthy of so much more. More than needing guardians instead of owners, animal companions deserve to live in Guardian Cities that embrace compassionate values by officially declaring their respect for animals on paper. There are already over 40 official Guardian Cities across the U.S. and Canada, and the entire state of Rhode Island has included guardian language in their animal-related ordinances. The more than 2,700,000 people living in these communities are officially recognized as "guardians." Yet some states - such as Texas, Oregon, Virginia, Florida and Ohio - remain without a single Guardian City.

What You Can Do:

Help your community by working with your elected leaders to incorporate "guardian" language into city ordinances, charters, by-laws and other official documents. See for a listing of Guardian Cities and check whether your city is there. If not, you can make a huge difference for the animals in your community by becoming one of IDA's Guardian Angels. To get involved, contact Dr. Katz at or 415-448-0075. He will send you a Guardian Pack with step-by-step instructions, and is also available to personally guide you through every stage of the process.

Read the Guardian Campaign Mission Statement & Goals