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The Healing Species curriculum is endorsed and partly funded by the State of South Carolina Department of Education. This 11-week elementary-level education program for children is designed for use in state school districts, juvenile justice facilities, battered women’s shelters, community groups, children’s homes, and alternative schools. The teachers' binder includes eleven lessons, four videos, and one children's book. Full Curriculum Cost: $135.00.

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• NEAVS and Friends of Washoe offer Next of Kin, a compassionate interdisciplinary science curriculum to introduce students to important science lessons and critical thinking about the use of animals in science. The curriculum helps students develop awareness, form attitudes, and take actions to solve problems faced by chimpanzees – our next of kin – and other animals who are endangered or living in captivity.
For grades 2-5 and 6-9.

TeachKind Offers Free Online Resources. TeachKind understands that teaching kids to be kind to animals is a vital part of character education programs, and is a proven, effective way to prevent violence. TeachKind's e-network keeps teachers up to date on the newest curriculum, magazines, videos, and other resources available.

The International Institute for Humane Education offers the following nine lessons from its Sowing Seeds Workbook. Use these lessons to create a humane education unit for your classroom or after-school club.

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