Guardians for Life Educator Assistance Program


Guardians for Life is designed to help school teachers, humane educators, character educators, anti-violence educators and other community leaders empower students with knowledge, experiential learning, and action projects that elicit compassionate consideration for animals as well as people.

studentWhy we recommend using lessons that involve animals:
Empathy, respect and responsibility are major character traits. Introducing animal-based lessons suggests to your class that character is evidenced by our treatment of all living beings, not just those who we can directly identify with. Because animals are loving, forgiving, and can be considered some of the most innocent victims, animals are often the fastest route to the heart of your students. Talking about how and why your students can help improve the lives of animals can leave students feeling empowered and encouraged to take action for the welfare of others. Animal-based lessons do not require animals to enter the classroom. Most classroom activities simply explore a variety of animal issues and how they relate to your students.

How it works:
Visit the links to the left to find what activities are right for your class. Or contact us and tell us what age groups you teach, how much time you have to teach them, and what outcome you are looking to achieve (i.e. less bullying, more compassion for animals, start a class project, etc.) We will email you with our recommendations for animal-based lessons available that meet your program's required objectives.

Common Teacher Objectives:

  • students will act responsibly and respectfully toward other classmates and consider themselves guardians of animals.
  • students will have practiced non-violent coping and social skills, and thoughtful cooperation with all living beings in mind.
  • students will recognize the seriousness of inappropriate social behaviors and the deliberate harming of animals and know how to report these types of crime.

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