Guardian PSAs

We are excited that you are interested in the Guardian Campaign. IDA's Guardian campaign was created as one means to end the abuse and exploitation of animals through the use of language by replacing the term "animal owner" with "animal guardian". This simple change helps reinforce and improve levels of respect, responsibility and compassion toward all beings and eliminates the concept that our animals are "property" that we own and can dispose of at will.

After watching and/or listening to our PSAs below, we hope you will consider sharing this campaign with your friends and family by sending the links by email or by posting them on your Facebook or other social media. In addition, local radio stations might be interested in playing the audio version. IDA needs you - please alert your local stations to this webpage.

Everyone at IDA sincerely thanks you for any effort you put forth to help the animals, especially in May, which is Guardian Month. Together, we can make a difference!

Video PSA - 2.5 minutes

Video PSA - 30 seconds

Audio PSA - 30 seconds wav file

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Video PSA - 30 seconds

Read the Guardian Campaign Mission Statement & Goals