Maddie’s Fund Releases The Asilomar Accord...with Guardian Language!


We’re very excited to show you the recently-published Asilomar Accords, a precedent-setting document that was attached as an appendix to the Maddie’s Fund 2003-2004 Annual Report under the heading of “the beginning of a new era."

To quote from the introduction, “Certain principles form the very core of Maddie’s Fund. Because of their importance, we’ve built them into every aspect of our work: our applications, funded projects, presentations, website information and written communications.”

We are happy, and proud, to note that the Asilomar Accords employs Guardian Language throughout the entire document. This is a monumental example of how the Guardian Campaign, which we so heartily campaign for, is progressing. It is one more step toward our goal of making Guardian Language the prevalent terminology in American households.

On page 32 of the report, under “Guiding Principles,” it states “In order to achieve harmony and forward progress, we encourage each community coalition to discuss language and terminology which has been historically viewed as hurtful or divisive by some animal welfare stakeholders (whether intentional or inadvertent), identify ‘problem’ language, and reach a consensus to modify or phase out language and terminology accordingly.” The authors chose to utilize the term “owner/guardian” throughout their report.

The Asilomar Accords are further evidence of the widespread use and value of the term “guardian.” Thank you, as always, for your help in the progression of this language change.

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