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"Animal Guardian Day" was recognized on May 23, 2004 throughout New York State! 

A resolution introduced by State Senator Elisabeth Krueger passed with a unanimous vote in the New York Senate on Thursday May 20th.

Celebration festivities took place at the NYC Mayor's Alliance for Animals Adopt-a-thon in Central Park.

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Take Action!

Ideas for Making "Guardian" a Household Word

IDA Declares May to be "Responsible Animal Guardian Month"

Volunteer to Help Animals in Your Town

Report Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence to the Police and Local Animal Shelter

Make Your City an Official Animal Guardian Community

• Tell Friends and Colleagues about IDA's Guardians for Life Program for Educators

Start a Humane Education Program at Your School

• Join the Guardian Campaign Action Network

Download Guardian Campaign Materials and Distribute them Locally

• Send the Guardian Campaign web link, http://www.guardiancampaign.com, to everyone you know

Share the 12 Things You Can Do To Help Animals Brochure with your Friends and Family

Read the Guardian Campaign Mission Statement & Goals