Twitter Contest Winners

First Place:

Justin Lowery

Justin and his three cat companions live in Allentown, PA where they are all currently engaged in a heated competition to see who can lead the most peaceful existence.











Second Place:

Nick Bankhead

"I included a picture of me, my wife (Jodie) and our two girls (Squeekie is the Husky/hound and Leela is the Shepard/Akita)."

Nick and his family live in Saint Louis, MO. He describes himself as happy. He believes in compassion. Tattoos, his Harley, skateboarding, family and laughing keep him sane. He is forever an advocate for the voiceless and has published a vegetarian/vegan cookbook. He is in advertising.







Third Place:

Susan Wilson


Susan and Daisy

Susan and Daisy Wilson live in Wilmington, NC with cats Sparkie and Prissy . In the past year, Susan has rescued four stray dogs, three cats (two possums) and has had them spayed and neutered.

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